Clinical Dermatology

Broken Veins

Broken Veins and other vascular disorders

Broken veins can be removed from not only your legs but also from your face and other parts of your body. They are caused by many factors including sun exposure, smoking, drinking, hormonal changes, genetic pre-disposition and weight.

The standard treatment for small leg veins is sclerotherapy. Laser treatment on leg veins is only performed in a very few, specific cases and only after an examination has taken place to ensure that the patient does not have any underlying varicose veins

For facial broken veins there are numerous effective treatments such as different types of lasers and IPL. With such techniques 2-4 sessions are necessary at one month intervals. After each session the treated area may be red and at times covered with small scabs.

In our clinic we use the very latest vascular laser technology such as Pulsed Dye laser, and IPL. Each patient will be treated with appropriate device according to the specific condition.

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