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Moles come in many shapes and sizes and can be flat or raised but when they change in shape or colour it is vital that you book an assessment to have your mole examined.

After a thorough examination, Dr K will be able to advise you whether removal of your mole (or moles) is required – if it does, you will undergo a quick procedure under local anaesthetic as an out-patient.

If you have any moles that you consider to be unsightly, make you feel self-conscious or restrict your movement in any way, email as at to book your assessment.


A skin cyst is a lump located beneath the skin that is filled with fluid. Cysts can appear anywhere on the body. They usually grow slowly and can feel uncomfortable or painful if they become infected.

All treatments are tailored to each individual. We recommend a one to one consultation with Dr K. to discuss your treatment options.


A lipoma is a soft lump that is made up of fatty tissue. They usually occur just under the skin and are harmless, however people may wish to remove a lipoma that is causing discomfort or for cosmetic reasons. Lipomas occur due to an overgrowth of fat cells. They are usually soft and movable and are commonly found in areas such as the chest, arms, back and lower body.

All treatments are tailored to the individual and personal experiences and results may vary. Lipomas are usually removed with a quick surgical procedure or liposuction.

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